Our Story

The Hydrozid® journey began in 2012 when Medilink, the parent company of BIBAWO Medical, introduced its pioneering Cryosurgery product. Initially created as a local anesthetic to alleviate pain and discomfort during injections for children, our innovation garnered significant attention.

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During conversations with Danish doctors and nurses about our novel product, we were met with an abundance of feedback. They expressed a crucial need for a less intimidating alternative to treat warts in children. The sentiment echoed resoundingly: "Imagine if Medilink's product could be harnessed in this manner!"

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This invaluable exchange of ideas propelled us on a transformative path. Fueled by a shared commitment to alleviate fear and enhance the well-being of young patients, we embarked on a journey to develop Hydrozid®—a groundbreaking solution tailored specifically to address the daunting challenge of wart treatment in children.

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After receiving regulatory clearance, Medilink introduced Hydrozid® to Danish dermatologists and began marketing in 2013. At first, dermatologists showed resistance towards the concept of a disposable cryogen. Their common response was, "Thank you for the information, but we have easy access to liquid nitrogen and are accustomed to using it." Some also cited concerns about the costs associated with switching from their current liquid nitrogen supplier.

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Soon, a number of dermatologists became customers, prompting Hydrozid® sales reps to expand their outreach to primary care practitioners, pediatricians, and podiatrists who could also benefit from this treatment option. Since many of these practitioners had little experience with treating skin lesions, we began from the ground up, emphasizing the value that this type of treatment could bring to their practice.

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Before long, our sales representatives found themselves overwhelmed with requests. Instead of constantly knocking on new doors, doctors began reaching out and inviting them for visits. As a result, the sales of Hydrozid® continued to grow not only in Denmark but also in neighboring countries.

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Since we've achieved success at home, we're confident it's time to bring this tried-and-tested treatment to the United States. Dermatologists who adopted Hydrozid in 2013 and 2014 have consistently preferred it over liquid nitrogen, and we haven't lost a single dermatologist who made the switch. American providers and patients can now enjoy the benefits of Hydrozid®, a fast and effective product.