How to use
Spray Ready to use Hydrozid is applied to a lesion directly from the canister. Hydrozid does not require any preparation time; no foam tipped applicators, tubes, replacing cartridges or replacing cartridges.
Smile User and patient friendly Handle-held Hydrozid is carried to any exam room. It has no unpleasant odour and noise. No anesthesia is required prior to treatment.
Safe Safe Hydrozid is non-flammable and non-toxic. Hydrozid does not require separate storage facilities or ventilated rooms. No safe precautions or protective equipment as such as gloves or googles are required.
Shelf Shelf-life Hydrozid has a shelf life of 3 years. Hydrozid can be disposed of with household waste
Instructions for use
Hydrozid is as easy as 1-2-3
Step 1 Step 1 Remove Hydrozid from the pack. Hydrozid is locked (the disk extension is placed to the left). This feature prevents unintended spraying both while carrying Hydrozid or between treatments.
Step 2 Step 2 Move the disk extension to the right to open the spray head. Hydrozid is applied to a lesion directly from the canister. No anaesthesia prior to treatment is required.
Step 3 Step 3 Hydrozid is now ready to use. To avoid damaging the surrounding tissue use one of the application templates provided in the Hydrozid pack. Select the hole matching the size of the individual lesion. Freeze the lesion by applying Hydrozid from a distance of 2 to 3 cm followed by a complete thaw. After a short interval, repeat the freeze-thaw cycle. Several repeated freeze-thaw cycles are recommended as in a single treatment. The total duration of application to a lesion must be kept within the recommended maximum total (see panel). For large lesions, it is recommended to apply the jet in circle movements from the center of the lesion to the external in a circle within the given area.
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Czech Republic
Recommended maximum total treatment times
Verruca plantaris
36 (6 x 6 seconds)
Verruca vulgaris
36 (6 x 6 seconds)
Verruca plana
18 (6 x 3 seconds)
Keratosis seborrhoica
36 (6 x 6 seconds)
Lentigo (facial)
12 (6 x 2 seconds)
Lentigo (non-facial)
36 (6 x 6 seconds)
36 (6 x 6 seconds)
Keratosis actinica (facial)
12 (6 x 2 seconds)
Keratosis actinica (non-facial)
36 (6 x 6 seconds)
Molluscum contagiosum
18 (6 x 3 seconds)
36 (6 x 6 seconds)
Gingival melanin hyperpigmentation
36 (6 x 6 seconds)
Cervical Contact Bleeding
36 (6 x 6 seconds)
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